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60's Slang Words / Terms


  1. A Gas - Having a lot of fun.
  2. All Show and No Go - Pretty car.  Nice wheels and so forth. Looks good put has no go power.
  3. Ape: Used with verbs gone or went. (i.e. "When I came home an hour late my parents went ape.)
  4. BA - Could mean Bare All or Bare Ass.
  5. Bad - Awesome
  6. Bad Ass - Tough guy
  7. Bag - Meant to steal. Who bagged my wallet? Also "what's your bag?", which meant "What's your problem?"
  8. Ball - To Party as in Little Richard's song "Good Golly Miss Molly, you sure like to ball." Also meant to have intercourse.
  9. Bum a Smoke - Borrow a cigarette from another person.
  10. Beat Feet - Leave the area quickly.
  11. Birth Control Seats - Referred to cars with bucket seats
  12. Bitchin' - Good, great, or awesome
  13. Blast - Had a great time like "I had a blast at the dance."
  14. Blitzed - Drunk
  15. Book - Leave the scene
  16. Bookin' - Going real fast
  17. Boss - Cool or fantastic - The new album I just bought is boss!
  18. Bread - Money
  19. Brew - Beer
  20. Brody or Brody Out - To skid half a circle with your brakes locked up.
  21. Bug Out - Leave the premises
  22. Bummed Out - Depressed
  23. Burn Rubber - Squeal out with your tires spinning and leaving rubber on the asphalt.
  24. Candyass - A Wimp or uncool thing or person.
  25. Cat- Guy
  26. Catch some Z's - Go to sleep.
  27. Cherry - Pristine or mint condition. That car is cherry!
  28. Chick - girl or woman
  29. Chicken (To Play) - Two cars drive head on towards each other and the first to pull away is a coward.
  30. Chinese Firedrill -  A Car is stopped at a red light and all occupants of the car get out of the car and run around it and get back in the car while holding up traffic.
  31. Church Key - Before poptop cans, there were openers that were designed to puncture the beer can to drink from it.
  32. Chrome Dome - Bald Man
  33. Clean - Exceptional looking i.e. That's a clean looking Chevy
  34. Cool - Nice
  35. Cool Head - Nice guy
  36. Cool Pipes - Mellow sounding exhaust system
  37. Cop a Feel - Touching a girl's no touch zone pretending it was accidental.
  38. Cotties - Unkind remark, As in "Stay away she's got cooties" (bugs)
  39. Crash - go to bed / sleep
  40. Cruising - Driving up and down the strip, street or town looking for members of the opposite sex.
  41. Cutout  - leave the scene or area (also see Split)
  42. D.A. - Guy hair style. Combed like a duck's ass
  43. Decked Out - All Dressed Up
  44. Dibs - Used with the word got. "I got dibs on that seat." Meaning you own it.
  45. Dig - Do you understand?
  46. Ditz - An idiot
  47. Don't Flip Your Wig - In other words don't go ape.
  48. Don't Have A Cow - (See above)
  49. Don't Sweat It - Don't let it bother you.
  50. Drag - Race for a short distance. Also means dull. Also, a puff from a cigarette.
  51. Drop a Dime - use the pay phone
  52. Dude - A geek
  53. Fab - Fantastic
  54. Fag - A cigarette
  55. Far-out -  awesome - Also see outta sight
  56. Fine as Wine - Good-looking - as The guy or girl is "fine as wine"
  57. Fink - Tattletale
  58. Five Finger Discount - Anything acquired by theft
  59. Flake - A useless person
  60. Flip Flops - Thongs that you wore on your feet
  61. Floor Box - floor mounted transmission shifter
  62. Flower Child - A Hippie
  63. Foam Domes - padded bras
  64. Four on the Floor - See Floor Box
  65. Fox - An outstanding looking chick (also see "Stone Fox")
  66. Freakin' Out - getting excited or a panic attack
  67. Fuzz - The Police
  68. Go All The Way - Have Sex
  69. Going Steady - Dating only one person
  70. Groovy - Nice or neat
  71. Glasspacks - Mufflers lined with fiberglass to muffle the sound. The shorter the muffler the louder the sound.
  72. Gum Ball Machine - the old fashion lights on a police cruiser
  73. Hacked or Hacked Off - Mad or teed off.
  74. Hairy - Out of control
  75. Hang Loose - Take it easy
  76. Hauls Ass - A car really moves. "Tom's Chevy sure hauls ass."
  77. Hickey - See Love Bite
  78. Hip - Very Cool
  79. Hodad - a non-surfer, just hangs around the beach
  80. Hopped up - Souped up like a car
  81. Hunk - What a girl calls a good looking guy
  82. Kissup - Teacher's Pet or person that will do anything to please another person in authority.
  83. Later - Goodbye
  84. Lay A Patch - Burn rubber with car wheels as you leave
  85. Lay It On Me - Tell me or speak your piece
  86. "Let's hat up" - generally used in the military. Since you had to wear a hat while in uniform while outside so when leaving a building you would say "lets hat up."
  87. Loaded - Intoxicated or drunk
  88. Love Bite - Also known as a hickey - Red mark on a person made by suction of a kiss by lips and tongue.
  89. Make Out - Kissing
  90. Meanwhile Back At The Ranch - It was used to get the storyteller back on track to the story he was telling.  In other words, get to the point. It was meant to keep it short. Phrase came from serial westerns.
  91. Midnight Auto Supply - Auto parts stolen
  92. Mill. Engine - As in, "What kind of mill you running in that thing?"
  93. Moo Juice - milk
  94. Moon - To drop your pants and show your bare butt
  95. Neato - Sharp
  96. Old Lady or Old Man - Referred to Mom and Dad [Now a days may refer to wife of husband]
  97. On the Rag - in a foul mood
  98. Open Pipes - Loud car without mufflers. "Hey man, sounds like you're running open pipes"
  99. Outta Sight or Out of Sight - awesome  Also see Far Out
  100. Padiddle - A car with only one headlight working.
  101. Passion Pit - Drive-in Movie
  102. Pedal Pushers - calf high pants worn by girls called today "capris"
  103. Peel Out - Burn or leave rubber with your car
  104. Pig - Cop or a Promisculous Girl 
  105. Pig Out - Overeat
  106. Pits, the   the worst, nasty, bad, awful, meaningless (i.e. "this place is the pits")
  107. Pound  - To beat up somebody i.e. "I'm gonna pound you."
  108. Queer - Something to be considered dorky or dumb, as in:  Those shoes are so queer!  Also, a derogatory slang word for a homosexual person. 
  109. Rave On - Please keep it going
  110. Retard - A really socially inept, dorky person (insensitive word to use today)
  111. Ride -  car, truck, or motorcycle
  112. Right On -  exactly or I second that.
  113. Score - Going all the way with a girl
  114. Shades - Sunglasses
  115. Sharp - Real Good Looking
  116. Shotgun - Passenger seat in the front seat of a car next to the door. The place of honor. You had to call out "shotgun" first to win the honor. Once you vacate the car the honor is once again up for grabs.
  117. Skag - An ugly girl
  118. Skank - See Skag
  119. Skirt - A girl
  120. Skuzz - Low down, disgusting person also used as Skuzz bucket which could mean an ugly car as well.
  121. Slam Book - a pass around book filled with questions to answer on your fellow classmates.
  122. Slug Bug/Safety Pin - If you see someone with a Volkswagon beetle you yell out Slug Bug. But if the person you intend to hit yells Safety pin, you can't hit them.
  123. Slut - very promiscuous girl
  124. Split - leave the scene or area  (Also see Cutout)
  125. Solid - I got it or I'm with you.
  126. Square - Somebody not cool
  127. Stacked - A girl well endowed or built
  128. Stoned - High on pot.
  129. Stone Fox - Extremely beautiful girl.
    • Stood Up - A no-show for a date
  130. Stuck Up - Conceited
  131. Submarine Races - Parking next to a water shore to wait for the submarine races to which of course was only an excuse to park and make out. For your information there were no such thing as a submarine race.
  132. Swapping Spit - French Kissing to the maximum
  133. Sweat Hog - Fat Chick or Fat Guy
  134. The Bird - The Middle Finger
  135. Threads  - clothes.
  136. Toke - taking a puff on a joint.
  137. Tough or Tuff - Great looking or cherry "She sure is a tough chick"
  138. Toys in the attic or she's got toys - a young woman too immature or naive for her age .
  139. Twitchin - Like Bitchin and means the same thing.
  140. Wedgie - When somebody pulls your underwear up from the back and ends in the crack. Some of today's underwear are made for that purpose; they call them thongs.
  141. Wiz, Take a - Urinate
  142. Woody - An erection
  143. Zits - Pimples
Published:Jul 12th 2013
Modified:Jul 14th 2013

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