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Can Objects be Haunted?

Can Objects be Haunted?
We get asked often if a spirit or residual energy can become attached to an object. Yes, it does occur. Again, popular Hollywood stories bring perceptions of cursed dolls that move. 

Most items that are considered haunted are imprinted with residual energy. Some items can store the energy of human emotions. Most items can relinquish this energy after a few seconds to minutes, while others can hold onto and release residual energy more slowly. Usually imprints are stronger when there was tragedy or strong emotions involved.

In some cases an intelligent spirit can become attached to an item and follow it wherever it goes. When I say attached, I mean mentally attached not physically bound to an item. Much like a spirit may decide not to pass into the light, a spirit may feel the need to look after a favorite possession or if they are emotionally distraught, find comfort in a familiar item.
How Can You Tell if an Item is Haunted? 

The easiest answer is if you can positively identify that the activity began after a certain item was brought into the home, the possibility is decent that the object is haunted. You can confirm that the activity is the result of the object by conducting a simple test. Remove the questionable item from your home for several days. If activity stops, it could be that item. If it returns again if you bring that item back – you found your problem!
How to Handle a Potentially Haunted Object

Never destroy it! The first impulse may be to destroy the offending article because you feel that if you destroy it you will destroy the energy involved with it.  If the energy attached to the item was not residual, but an intelligent entity, they may latch onto whoever destroyed the object and have a bit of an attitude if their item was destroyed.

Some people claim that one can cleanse a particular object, but from experience residual energy can be difficult to remove. Some claim that sage smudging will work, while others bury small items in sea salt for a few days. 

For really dark energy imprints, it is important to either find someone who deals exclusively with dark energy or to remove the item from your home. Throw the item in the trash if you have serious concerns with a certain item. Some experienced dark energy professionals will either bury an item off of the impacted property or dispose of the item in deep water.




    Haunted Possessions

    YOU HAVE HEARD of haunted houses and even possessed people, but can everyday, inanimate objects - furniture, stuffed animals, paintings, clocks, toys - also be haunted? If spirits can attach themselves to houses, hospitals and other institutions, and battlefields, we cannot rule out the idea that they can also attach themselves to objects.

    A house or other buildings are thought to be haunted because the place was either important to the person in life, or they suffered some great loss or tragedy there and cannot let it go. So it may be for certain possessions to which a person was emotionally attached in life, continuing that attachment in death.

    There have been many claims and cases in which people say that items they have either bought, inherited or found might be possessed or haunted. Paranormal researcher John Zaffis has a large collection of such items in his Museum of the Paranormal. (John also currently has a show on SyFy called The Haunted Collector.)

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