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Caribbean Music


The Caribbean people have gifted the world with calypso, kompa, merengue, salsa, reggae and many other genres. Reggae music represents a unifying force in a world that is divided not only by likes and dislikes but by cultures and languages. One love meant so much when Bob Marley echoed these words. They resonated back then in a world filled with hate and strife and the still resonate across time to present day and they will continue to resonate into the distance future.

Located to the southernmost part of the Caribbean is Trinidad & Tobago. The word Trinidad in Spanish means trinity and it is from this country that the energetic sound of calypso and soca with its many sub genres such as Steelband Soca, Parang Soca, Chutney Soca and Rapso emanate. These beats provide the energy that is necessary during the carnival season and the unsuspecting listener may find him or herself moving without notice to the beats as the melody's seep past the controls of the conscious mind and electrify the subconscious. As the world moves forward, it is the promise the Caribbean culture continues to keep. Proving wonderful forms of entertainment and diversity through there musical expression. 'One love'

Published:Jul 2nd 2013
Modified:Jul 2nd 2013

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