Everyone is Racist

At a very young age, everyone is taught that their nation is better than their neighbors. Their religion is better than other religions. Their local sports team is better than any other team. And then we wonder why children are racist too.

In fact, everyone is a bigot whether it is against race, sports, religion, politics, education, social class, or the million or so other ways people differentiate between themselves. Furthermore, the level of bigotry varies greatly for each and every person for each differentiation. However, not everyone is willing to admit it.

The truth is that everyone is a bigot. Everyone is racist.

Aligning with a group, whatever that group may be, is a natural tendency for everyone. At a very early age, children naturally try to "fit in" into preferred groups. People naturally relate to other people who are similar and do not relate to people who are dissimilar. This comparison is the driving force for all bigotry, since most people intuitively believe that their group is better.

This is important to understand, because understanding this natural propensity of grouping ourselves is the first step in accepting others being different. And only though accepting differences can bigotry and racism end.

Tolerant people consider themselves open-minded with regard to each race, nationality, sexuality, disability, ethnicity, religion, and belief.