Healing Earth's Wounds
Joseph W. Tkach 1987
Perhaps you have read these remarkable words, found in Revelation 11:18 in the New King James Version: "... Your wrath has come ... that You should ... destroy those who destroy the earth."

Any who read these words prior to the current generation must have puzzled over them. After all, even 50 years ago, it would be hard to imagine that anyone could actually "destroy the earth."

Sure, mankind has always, it seems, tended to misuse the earth. But destroy it? Of course! you may immediately think. This verse is about nuclear weapons!

And you'd be right. Even a "small" nuclear exchange would create enormous immediate devastation, and the long-range destruction of any potential "nuclear winter" could be even worse. But the threat of nuclear war is not the only way in which mankind is "destroying the earth."

Our environment is deteriorating at a pace that is frightening to contemplate. Unless this poisoning of our atmosphere, our water, our soil and the food chain stops, and stops soon, the consequences will be appalling.

But how can it stop? Pollution is only the by-product of the goods and services upon which our modern world has become so dependent. If big business is to continue to produce goods and provide jobs, if big finance is to continue to fund growth and expansion, and if government is to continue to make it all possible, then because greed continues to be the underpinning of human nature, the continued wreckage of the environment is the inevitable course of man.

There is no one man, no one movement, not even an entire government that has the power, the authority or the ability to put an end to mankind's selfish pursuit of money and possessions at the expense of his environment.

Famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau told an American newsmagazine regarding pollution of the world's oceans, "We face a catastrophe."

Indeed we do. In only a century our world has become so materialistic, so bent on industrial expansion, so covetous of profits and pleasure that environmental devastation of our planet has become humanly irreversible. The truth is that unless these ecological time bombs are isolated and defused there will be no ultimate hope for human survival.

That is no hope unless GOD'S WORD is TRUE! Unless Jesus Christ returns in glorified spirit POWER to take the helm of rulership over all nations, and make and ENFORCE the hard decisions that no government today can! Most people simply do not realize that Jesus Christ is coming back to establish a great government—the GOVERNMENT OF GOD—a real, functioning government! He will take control and RULE all nations. Every knee will bow to him. And at last the peoples of this tired, oppressed, polluted old world will have a government that is honest, fair, just and competent, with power to make it work. There will be world peace and the healing of the environment.

The dark future man has built for himself will be made gloriously bright! The good news of that coming world ruling KINGDOM OF GOD.