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OMG: oh my god, BRB: be right back, LOL: laugh out loud,TTYL: talk to you later, JK: just kidding, NP: no problem,LMFAO: laughing my f****** a** off, WTF: what the f***,POV: point of view, TMI: too much information, EOD: end of day, DL: down low, FML: f*** my life, MILF: mom I’d like to f***, DND: do not disturb, ROFL: rolling on floor laughing,LMK: let me know, IMHO: in my humble opinion, GMAB:give me a break, AFK: away from keyboard, TCB: taking care (of) business, TYVM: thank you very much, SMH: shake my head, EAD: eat a d***, WOW: world of warcraft, HTML:hypertext markup language, LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl (or look at me post), MMS: multimedia messaging service, CSS: counter-strike: source, WYSIWYG:what you see is what you get, MMORPG: massive multi-player role-playing game, LARP: live action role play, ASL: age sex location, WYWH: wish you were here, GNOC: get nude on cam, MOS: member (of the) opposite sex, FTF: first to find,BTDT: been there done that, FBTW: fine be that way, LAB:life’s a bitch.

Published:Mar 25th 2014
Modified:Mar 25th 2014

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