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Around the globe, audiences sit at the feet of marketing experts, lifestyle consultants, mystics, cult leaders, and other self-styled gurus waiting for the next deep and profound insight. How do these elevated individuals come by their wisdom?

Unfortunately, in some cases the audience is duped by pseudo-profundity.

The art of sounding profound is fairly easily mastered. You too can make deep and meaningful sounding pronouncements if you are prepared to follow a few simple rules.

First, try stating the incredibly obvious. Only do it v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, with a knowing nod. This works particularly well if your remark has something to do with one of the big themes of life: love, death, and money.

Here are some examples: "Death comes to us all;" "We all want to be loved;" "Money is used to buy things." Try it for yourself. If you state the obvious with sufficient gravitas, following up with a pregnant pause. You may soon find others start to nod in agreement, perhaps muttering "How true that is." Now that you have warmed up, let's move on to a different technique—the use of jargon.

A few big, not-easily-understood words can enhance the illusion of profundity. All that is required is a little imagination. To begin with, try making up some terms that have similar meanings to certain familiar words, but that differ from them in some subtle and never fully explained way. For example, don't talk about people being happy or sad, but about people having "positive or negative attitudinal orientations," which sounds far more impressive.

Now try translating some dull truisms into your newly invented language. For, example, the obvious fact that happy people tend to make other people happier can be expressed as " positive attitudinal orientations have high transferability" Also, whether you are a business guru, a cult leader, or a mystic it always helps to talk of "energies" and "balances" This make it sound as if you have discovered some deep mechanism or power that could potentially be harnessed and use by others. (stephenlaw.blogspot.c

Published:Mar 6th 2013
Modified:Mar 6th 2013

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